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Inclusive Design Q&A

Inclusive Design Q&A


Lauren Fairley


26 October 2022

We were delighted to hear that HMRC India Buildings, Liverpool had received the award for Universal Design Project of the Year.  Ward Robinson and HMRC were subsequently invited to present some of their experiences of universal design (inclusive design) to the National Disability Association’s annual conference which was held in Dublin. Katy Usher (Ward Robinson) and Claire Henderson (HMRC) took to the stage at the conference on Thursday, followed by a detailed and illuminating Q & A session with delegates.

In the UK there is growing awareness of the need and benefit of true inclusive design and HMRC’s Inclusive Design Guide is increasingly being used as a standard. Ward Robinson’s work with HMRC has provided the team with invaluable experience of Inclusive Design and we are delighted to have helped HMRC with the development of the Inclusive Design Guide.

Katy and Claire are developing their presentation further as more enlightened employers are increasingly seeking guidance on implementing Inclusive Design.