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Beddell House

Beddell House


Sherburn House Charity



Beddell House is a Grade II listed building and provides a 60-bed Residential Care Home for older people, operated by Sherburn House Charity. The house is an early Victorian building originally built as a hospital. Sherburn House Charity was founded by the Bishop of Durham Hugh Pudsey as ‘Christ’s Hospital in Sherburn’ around 1181.

This major refurbishment has seen the completion of the Orangery, lounge, bar, salon, cinema room, and restaurant as well as circulation spaces.

Ward Robinson was tasked with designing accommodation that was comparable to a high-end hotel whilst still providing a safe environment for residents with differing needs. Quality finishes and furniture have been combined with items of nostalgia to aid wayfinding and provide an interesting and stimulating environment for residents, visitors and staff.


– RICS Social Impact Awards 2020, Heritage : Finalist

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