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True Potential Headquarters

True Potential Headquarters


True Potential


Newcastle upon Tyne

Interior design for True Potential LLP, an award-winning group of financial services and technology companies based in Newcastle and London. Having worked with True Potential for a number of years, our design team were commissioned to redesign their Newcastle Headquarters to accommodate organisational growth whilst reducing headcount and allowing for a more generous working environment.

The new smart and agile workspace provides a variety of work settings including collaboration zone and quiet areas, open plan meeting spaces and a shop style expo for events and training purposes. The versatile central hub made up of the kitchen and café space provides a venue for larger group meetings and events, an additional touchdown workplace or a relaxing spot to socialise with colleagues.

For True Potential, creating a ‘home from home’ feel was an important aspect of the redesign. By providing a wider variety of work settings and an increased amount of welfare facilities on site, employees are able to choose which work environment best suits their needs.

The move away from the convention and constraints of working at a desk is a key driver in the agile working concept. With an abundance of alternative work settings, the office now only provides 120 traditional desks, all of which are unallocated. Designed with maximum flexibility and agility, localised lockers, storage and cloak spaces were introduced as part of the new agile concept to enforce a clear desk policy and encourage people to move around the office throughout the day.

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