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Interior design for Yarm School, one of the country’s leading independent co-educational schools, is set on the banks of the River Tees in North Yorkshire. Our design team has worked closely with the school to design areas of a 2,500m² new building on the current Prep School site. The new building has been developed to enhance the entrance to the School through a welcoming reception area, which leads onto a series of new spaces featuring a purpose-built flexible performance and dining room, additional teaching accommodation, and an open-plan learning resource centre.

Our designs focused on the learning resource centre, with a brief to create a space where the children can easily interact with and rearrange to suit their activity. We have designed built-in window nooks that overlook the open hall below and chosen playful furniture such as oversized beanbags, modular platform seating, and small truckable tub chairs for the space. The colour palette is natural and muted, allowing the greenery within and outside the space to stand out.