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Returning to the office

Returning to the office


Wriggle Marketing


12 April 2021

Like many people, we have been thinking about what the role of the workplace will be once people start returning to the office.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been working closely with a number of clients to address their new workplace needs. Through employee engagement, we’ve helped our clients to understand what can be learned from the past year and how these lessons will change the design of their workplace.  

Based on our findings so far, it is clear that people will return to offices, but not for the same reasons as before. For many, there are now more viable alternatives to the traditional workplace, for example, working from home or a third space (e.g. a coffee shop or co-working space). The workplace will now need to work much harder to attract people into it.

(Below: findings from employee surveys as part of a client case study)

If you are considering how your workforce is likely to work in the coming months and years, and what this means for your workspace or ways of working. Get in touch with our team at info@wardrobinson.com